An Endorsement from Gary Bauer

Gary Bauer’s endorsement from the Campaign for Working Families,, February 4, 2022

FreedomCivics® - Foundations of American Government

“The division in our country today is terrible. Much of it is due to left-wing indoctrination in the government-run public schools teaching our children critical race theory and anti-American history.

Far too many young Americans, the beneficiaries of the greatest freedom and prosperity the world has ever known, are confused about socialism and capitalism.

I’m pleased to report there is a solution – FreedomCivics® - Foundations of American Government.

FreedomCivics® is a 20-session course that includes accurate history and the principles of freedom and free enterprise, with a focus on the four Founding Documents of America – the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Northwest Ordinance and the U.S. Constitution.

The course is designed primarily for high school and college students, but is also well-suited for gifted middle school students.  I highly recommend FreedomCivics® as a part of any homeschool curriculum or as a supplement to private and public school instruction.”

Gary Bauer, Chairman, Campaign for Working Families. Gary was Under Secretary of Education and Chief Domestic Policy Advisor in the Reagan administration. He also served as president of the Family Research Council and Sr. VP at Focus on the Family.

Battling the Rise of Socialism

Here’s the grim truth: Polls show that more than half of young adults prefer socialism over capitalism. 

The traditional American and biblical values we were taught in school have all but disappeared in much of public education today. The fundamentals that led this country to freedom and great power have been skewed by mainstream media and extreme leftist politics. 

Our country is in a crisis. Our people have never been more polarized and our kids have no social values in common with their parents or grandparents. The ignorance of basic civics and civics history in the U.S. is worse than it’s ever been. 

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