Is FreedomCivics™ a history book?

FreedomCivics™ is a complement to history textbooks that teaches America’s civics structure.

FreedomCivics is a federal civics course that focuses on the four Founding Documents of the United States. While it includes condensed history, the sessions have been primarily written to teach the principles and basics of the United States Constitutional Republic. 

History textbook authors have noted that FreedomCivics is an excellent complement to their history books. The FreedomCivics course has twenty sessions, and the 20th session is the final exam.  It also has more than 100 discussion questions, maps, quizzes and activities.

Does one need both the Student and Teacher Workbooks?

This depends on how you will use FreedomCivics™.  

You can access and follow the course with the comprehensive Student workbook and Teacher workbook, however, the teacher’s workbook has the answers to the discussion questions, in-class activities, quizzes, and final exam.

The Teacher workbook also includes lesson plans and teaching suggestions. The Teacher Workbook is what makes FreedomCivics a self-contained course. 

Is FreedomCivics™ political or biased?

No. Written by historians and teachers, and produced by the Freedom Education Foundation (FEF), the organization and curriculum is non-partisan. 

FEF is interested in teaching accurate history, in a balanced way. 

Does the text address the United States history of injustices?

The course covers some of the ugly injustices in America’s history, including slavery, discrimination, poor treatment of the Indians, and the Japanese Internment. Yet the overarching theme is that the Founders established a Constitutional Republic based on the consent of the governed - with three branches that protect individual rights and the rule of law. The judicial branch, the legislative branch and the amendment process provide effective ways to correct injustices, all “to form a more perfect union” over time.

What is the reading level of FreedomCivics™? What grades are best for the course?

FreedomCivics™ is easy to read. It is intended primarily for high school and college-level students, but it is suitable for many middle school classes, depending on the students’ reading proficiency. 

One of the very useful sections in each session is “Key Terms,” with helpful and succinct definitions to help anyone who is going through the course to understand the material. 

Adults also find FreedomCivics™ to be engaging – with some material they will find new. The course will be a welcome reminder of the amazing history of America and the brilliance of the Founders. 

For teachers: What about using FreedomCivics as a resource and taking material from it to include in my current curriculum?

This works well. For example, FreedomCivics includes excellent material about the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 in Session 6.  As one of the four Founding Documents, it is extremely important, yet it is neglected in most curricula. So, many teachers enhance their teaching by including it and other sessions, such as Session 11, “Review of the U.S. Constitution,” and Session 17, “Upholding the Constitution and Protecting Civil Rights.”

How can I help get FreedomCivics™ into schools across America?

First, order FreedomCivics™ for your children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and for your friends. 

Then send us a tax-deductible donation so we can send letters to homeschoolers and private schools, put ads on social media sites, as well as provide the workbooks to public schools that have not yet budgeted for the course. 

Your donations will also allow us to finish the online / software version of FreedomCivics that we plan on launching in 2022. Referrals: Please send us the names, addresses and emails of pastors, thought-leaders and legislators who you think would want to know about FreedomCivics. Email us at or call (800) 333-3455.