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FreedomCivics® Student book - Foundations of American Government

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  • The definitive course about the principles behind the creation of the United States, free enterprise, and the four Founding Documents.
  • Establishes the basis of these four “Organic Laws,” by examining natural law, consent of the governed, the rule of law, and virtue.
  • Accurate history, including the roots of our Constitutional republic, tracing America’s history from the early colonies, the War for Independence, the ratification of the U.S. Constitution and the modern amendments.
  • Includes the unabridged texts of the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Northwest Ordinance, and the U.S. Constitution, including the first ten amendments (Bill of Rights) and the 17 amendments that followed.
  • The 20-session course is for all high school and college students, public and private and home schools. Suitable for all adults.
  • It covers the scourge of slavery, its elimination, and how correcting wrongs is done by passing laws and amending the Constitution.
  • The session “Protecting the Constitution” emphasizes the duties of citizenship, including voting and being informed so that we foster good government and elect responsible leaders.
  • There are two complementary workbooks, one for the teacher (with answers) and one for students, which include thoughtful discussion questions, eight activities, three quizzes, and a final exam.