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With a focus on the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Northwest Ordinance and the Constitution, FreedomCivics®: Foundations of American Government is a 20-session course dedicated to teaching our youth the truth about our country’s history. Together, we can save our youth from misinformation and guide them back to the original values that have made this country the land of the free and the home of the brave. 

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Battling the Rise of Socialism

Here’s the grim truth: Polls show that more than half of young adults prefer socialism over capitalism. 

The traditional American and biblical values we were taught in school have all but disappeared in much of public education today. The fundamentals that led this country to freedom and great power have been skewed by mainstream media and extreme leftist politics. 

Our country is in a crisis. Our people have never been more polarized and our kids have no social values in common with their parents or grandparents. The ignorance of basic civics and civics history in the U.S. is worse than it’s ever been. 

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Education is the Preservation of Truth

The future of our country and our youth desperately depends on an American history education system based on facts. 

The Founders of the United States of America created a government unlike any that had ever existed. They created a structure to protect our inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Because of the Constitution they created, our individual rights are safeguarded, and the government has limited power. 

Our freedoms have enabled America to prosper and become the leader of the world. That’s why we at The Freedom Education Foundation have created FreedomCivics®, to battle the rise of socialism and the trashing of traditional and biblical values.

Our Civics Course

FreedomCivics®: Foundations of American Government 20-session course is suitable for high school, college-level, and adult students. The curriculum includes sessions on the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Northwest Ordinance, and the U.S. Constitution
(including the Bill of Rights and all other amendments). 

It also includes sections about the scourge of slavery and how our Constitution provides for corrective action by amending it and passing new laws. We will expend great effort advocating for the adoption of civics education in the states, with a focus on the FreedomCivics® course — all to work for a more perfect union.

The course includes... 

FreedomCivics®: Foundations of American Government Teacher Workbook

FreedomCivics®: Foundations of American Government Students Workbook

Colonial and American Revolutionary War history

The full texts of the Founding Documents 

123 Discussion Questions

8 Activities

Three quizzes and a Final Exam

Course Details
  • “FreedomCivics® provides valuable resources for the kind of civics education that we so desperately need to bring into our schools. It clearly explains the principles upon which our nation was founded and how the structure of our government was designed to fulfill and protect those principles. Students will find it both enlightening and inspiring.”

    -Wilfred M. McClay, PhD; Author of Land of Hope

  • “The FreedomCivics® course will help motivate a new generation to take a positive, active role in public life.”

    -Bruce K. Chapman, Founder of the Discovery Institute Former Ambassador, and Director of the U.S. Census

  • “Now more than ever, our kids need to learn about our heritage of freedom, free markets, and individual rights. The FreedomCivics® course is instrumental because it teaches us what makes America truly exceptional.”

    - Steve Moore, Economist & Television Commentator; former editorial board, Wall Street Journal

  • “We really like the fact that your civics course has 20 sessions and that it is ‘turn-key.’ We will do all we can to help you get it into schools across America.”

    -David Randall, Director of Research National Association of Scholars

  • “The FreedomCivics® course tells us the magic of America through our Founding Documents. The Declaration of Independence tells us the purpose of government is to protect our rights. The Constitution tells us how best to get it done. Our rights are not to be auctioned to a popular majority but protected by a vigilant judiciary. In America the individual is king, and none other.”

    -Richard B. Sanders, Esq. Former Washington State Supreme Court Justice

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  • Is FreedomCivics® a history book?

    FreedomCivics® is a complement to history textbooks that teaches America’s civics structure. FreedomCivics® is a federal civics course that focuses on the four Founding Documents of the United States...

  • Does one need both the Student and Teacher Workbooks?

    This depends on how you will use FreedomCivics®. You can access and follow the course with the comprehensive student workbook and the teacher’s workbook, however, the teacher’s workbook has the answers to the discussion questions, in-class activities, quizzes, and final exam...

  • Is FreedomCivics® political or biased?

    No. Written by historians and teachers, and produced by the Freedom Education Foundation (FEF), the organization and curriculum is non-partisan. FEF is interested in teaching accurate history, in a balanced way. 

Fight for Truth. Fight for Our Kids. Fight for the Future of Our Country.

Start making a positive change in your civics education programs, and help us save our country from the grim fate many socialist countries have suffered. 

Together, we can repair our society, bring families back together, and once again take our place as the greatest country in the world.

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