FreedomCivics™ Course Contents

Session 1 -  The Spirit of the American Revolution: Historical Foundations

Session 2 - The First Colonies: Advancing Liberty in the New World

Activity – Map of the First Colonies / States

Session 3 – Foundations of American Government; the Enlightenment        

Session 4 – The Declaration of Independence; Causes of Revolution

Map of the Revolutionary War Battles

Activity – Revolutionary War Events

Declaration of Independence (full text)


Session 5 – Articles of Confederation

     Activity – Problems - Land Claims of 1783

     Articles of Confederation (full text)

Session 6 – The Northwest Ordinance of 1787

Map of the Northwest Territory showing Future States

Northwest Ordinance (full text)

Session 7 – Constitutional Convention; Preamble of the U.S. Constitution

     Activity - U.S. Constitution Crossword Puzzle

     U.S. Constitution (full text)

Session 8 – U.S. Constitution, Article I, Legislative Branch

Activity – Constitutional Advisor

How Does a Bill Become a Law?

Session 9 – U.S. Constitution, Article II, Executive Branch

Activity – U.S. Constitution Word Search


Session 10 – U.S. Constitution, Article III to VII, Judicial Branch and Implementation of the Constitution

Activity - U.S. Constitution Word Puzzle

Session 11 – Review of the U.S. Constitution

Session 12 – Ratification Debates

Session 13 – Bill of Rights, Amendments I-VIII

Activity - Which Amendment was Violated?

Amendments I to X (full text) 

Session 14 – Bill of Rights, Amendments IX and X, Federalism

Activity – Match the Amendment to its Description


Session 15 – Amendments XI to XVII with original text

Session 16 – Amendments XVIII to XXVII with original text​

Session 17 – Protecting the Constitution

Session 18 – Final Review - Part One

Session 19 – Final Review - Part Two and The Duties of a Good Citizen

Session 20 – Final Exam / Scoring

Appendices Only Found in Teacher's Workbook:

Appendix A – NCSS Standards - Session Cross Reference

Appendix B – National Council for the Social Studies Standards

Appendix C – Quizzes and Exams (blanks for duplication)

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