Who We Are

The Freedom Education Foundation was founded to educate Americans about the founding principles and documents of the United States of America. Our foundation is composed of patriotic teachers and historians witnessing the lack of fundamental civics understanding and accompanying untruths that fill the gaps. 

We’ve put our heads together and spent years designing the country’s most accurate and factually correct civics course to address the chasm in civics education. We chose to call this course FreedomCivics®: Foundations of American Government. 

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Why We’re Here

The foundations of our Constitutional Republic and the free enterprise system have long been under attack. For more than 60 years, the Left has promoted socialism in our schools. Our young people know few of the principles employed that resulted in wonderful freedom, prosperity, and the greatest nation on earth.

Ignorance and misinformation about economics have resulted in schools that teach that America is not good and not a beacon of freedom to the world. Instead of focusing on the “sins of the fathers” and denigrating the Founders and the United States of America, we must promote legislation in the states requiring standalone civics education classes and we must produce excellent curriculum for schools that teaches about the founding principles and Founding Documents that established the United States of America.

We are seeing political parties so lacking in civility that they are rarely able to work together. The result is rancor and unchecked spending that could bankrupt the country, not to mention the loss of freedom and liberty as the government expands.

We cannot be united as Americans unless we share a common knowledge of our history and the basis of our values.

How We’re Going to Do It

We will aggressively market to all schools, including public, private, and home schools. And, of course, we will reach out to parents and grandparents directly. We will also work hard to introduce model legislation in the states to require the teaching of standalone civics courses. Our goal is to get our course into all schools across America.

We have worked for five years on this 20-session course. It is intended for high school and college students, but it is suitable for all adults. It includes important history and the principles of freedom—with an analysis of America’s four Founding Documents. It is the best federal civics course available. It is unapologetically pro-American, yet it is balanced in covering our biggest flaws, including the early compromise with slavery and poor treatment of the Indians. 

The principles of freedom and equality held by the Founders ultimately resulted in correcting these and many other injustices by amending the Constitution and passing new laws. Building a more perfect union has been and is an ongoing process. The course makes this clear, imploring all citizens to be vigilant in protecting the Constitution.

Course Details
  • Craig Rhyne


  • Dick Calkins

    Vice President of Marketing

  • Dick Patten

    Senior V.P. Government Relations

  • Nicole Gibson


  • Clark Summers


  • Miller Freeman IV


  • Suzanne Burke

  • Dennis D. Case

    Certified History and English Teacher
    LCDR, USN (ret.)

  • Bruce K. Chapman

    Founder and Chairman of the Board, Discovery Institute

  • Glenn M. Dobbs

    Retired CEO, Former member, Washington State House of Representatives

  • George A. Duff

    President Emeritus, Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce

  • James R. Medley

    Seattle businessman
    Seattle Police Department Chaplain CDR, Carrier Aircraft, USN (ret.)

  • Stephen Moore

    Club for Growth – Co-founder Wall Street Journal, former Editorial Page Editor Co-author, Trumponomics, Heritage Foundation Dist. Fellow

  • Jeff Morton

    Author, speaker, radio host, businessman. Veteran, U.S.N.

  • Richard B. Sanders Esq.

    Justice, Washington State

    Supreme Court (retired)

  • Howard Segermark

    American Business Defense Council

  • Larry J. Sundquist

    Partner, Adamant Homes

  • Walter E. Williams, PhD


    Professor of Economics,
    George Mason University
    Author, American Contempt for Liberty

  • Peter W. Wood, PhD

    President, National Assoc. of Scholars Author, 1620: A Critical Response to the 1619 Project

Fight for truth. Fight for our kids. Fight for the future of our country.

Start making a positive change in our civics education programs, and help us save our country from the grim fate many socialist countries have suffered. 

Together, we can repair our society, bring families back together, and once again take our place as the greatest country in the world. 

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