The best way to stop socialism in our schools.

For more than 60 years, the Left has promoted socialism in our schools. The seeds of discontent were sown starting in the 1960s, and the radicals of the 60s became college professors. Regrettably, most parents sent their children to universities who turned them against their own values. This has caused a huge divide in America. Many, if not most, now think America is “systemically racist.” Several polls conclude that more than half of America’s young people think socialism is preferable to capitalism. We are seeing political parties so lacking in civility that they are rarely able to work together. The result is rancor and unchecked spending that could bankrupt the country, not to mention the loss of freedom and liberty as the government expands.

will be a “game changer.”

It's a worthy effort to do what we can with all our reason and might to take back our schools and expose the revisionist history of the Left. We must rebuild the “bonds of civic friendship” between all races and generations of Americans. Our schools must teach accurate history and about the principles of freedom the Founders proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence. We cannot be united as Americans unless we share a common knowledge of our history, and the basis of our values.

We have worked for five years on a 20-session course called . It is intended for high school and college students, but it is suitable for all adults. It includes important history and the principles of freedom—with analysis of America’s four founding documents. It is the best federal civics course available. It is unapologetically pro-American, yet it is balanced in covering our biggest flaws, including the early compromise with slavery and poor treatment of the Indians. The principles of freedom and equality held by the Founders ultimately resulted in correcting these and many other injustices by amending the Constitution and passing new laws. Building a more perfect union has been and is an ongoing process.  The  course makes this clear, imploring all citizens to be vigilant in protecting the Constitution.

The Founders created a government unlike any that had ever existed, one that was structured to protect our inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Constitution limits government power, includes provisions to fairly implement the law, and safeguards individual rights. Our freedoms have enabled America to prosper and become the leader of the world.

How will we get this into the schools?

We will aggressively market  to all schools, including public, private and home schools. We will work hard to introduce model legislation in the states to require the teaching of standalone civics courses. Our goal is to get our course into all schools across America, starting with those in the conservative states.

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